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Are you looking for ways to boost your online business? Are you interested in making Big Commissions through your online business? If you are in search of answers to such questions, you have come to the right place! Here, we will discuss about a training program that has struck everyone with surprise because of its growing popularity ever since it has been introduced in the market.

You might have guessed, yes we are referring to ‘The 4 Percent Group’ training program. It seems a good opportunity for any businessperson to take their business’s digital marketing to the nest level.  The main goal of the program is to enable online entrepreneurs to market their business in a much better way by dint of helping them learn different online marketing skills.

Nowadays, it’s also being referred to as a “CashMachine”, because of it making online earning very easy for everyone!

Theory Behind ‘The 4 Percent Group’:

Now you might be wondering, “Why is it called The 4 Percent Group, what’s the logic behind it?” Well there is a theory behind this particular name.

Four Percent Group Review

It follows the general life principle: 80% of the people are lazy and are not interested in working, there are only 20% of people who show some interest in moving on but even among them just 20% take the actual action- that makes the 4 percent of the people who are on their way to success!


Vick Strizheus- the Mastermind:

The one person behind this mind-boggling program is none other than Vick Strizheus from Ukraine. He is very famous because of his video training course for successful internet marketing- High Traffic Academy.  He basically taught people to generate waves over the Internet and increase their sales.

After that, he has now come up The 4 Percent Group and claims to help people launch a 6-figure business in a time period of less than three months.

Who is it for?

As mentioned earlier, this training program is meant to target the needs of online entrepreneurs: it does not matter if they are new or are experienced in running an online business. According to Vick Strizheus, the main problem that hinders success in an online business is the lack of awareness. These online entrepreneurs are misled in generating real online traffic. That is why, he starts by telling tips for better traffic generation.

The 4 Percent Group has been made with High Commission Back End Products. This will help really help increase your conversation and sales! Having automation, tools, sales funnels, community, etc the program is a whole package. That is all you need to kick your business in high gear, in a matter of a few weeks.

The group is based on the one and only proven theory; thousands of anonymous online business owners have tested it and have worked wonders for themselves. These are people just like you. The program was not designed for businessmen, instead it was meant for ordinary people; parents, waiters and waitresses, high school graduates, college dropouts, etc in order to help them earn Big Money through online resources.

What exactly is in there for you?

The 4 Percent Group training group offers the following services to its customers:

  • You will have access to very useful video training program by Vick Strizheus. These videos might be eye-opening for you because with their simple and step-by-step approach, they summarize (the otherwise so complicated phenomenon) Online Marketing. With the tips and rules, you can get your business up and running successfully.
  • You will also have a team of “millionaire business coaches” who are there to work with you on a one-to-one basis. This way, you can have expert advice in achieving success. Many people are not comfortable in raising their questions in a public. This feature can prove to be very useful for them because there won’t be a third person while you ask your questions.
  • You will get an amazing sales funnel design which will help you build deep and longer lasting funnels. You may create such lasting funnels that can bring in money for years.
  • You will have access to over a dozen worthwhile online business resources which present the motivation and the tools needed in order for you to get to the next level.
  • With this program, you will have customer support 24/7. This means that you can go to the online forums and chat about your problems round the clock. You will get your answers whenever you need them because the program cares about the smallest of your problems.

Four Percent Group Pricing Plan :-

Four Percent Group Monthly Pricing Plan (RECURRING)

4 percent group regular price


Four Percent Group Lifetime Offer : (ONE-TIME)

Four Percent Lifetime Offer


The 7 Streams of Income:

  1. The Four Percent Group Itself : The system costs $49 per month; of which you get a 50% commission through Clickbank.  The group includes basic training marketing material, webinars, sales funnels and a series of 90 training episodes known as “Operation 100K” documented by Vick Strizheus. There is also a Facebook group with around 3,100 people.
  1. ClickMagick: This tracking tool is one of the optional business tools offered by the 4 Percent Group. With ClikcMagick, you can keep a record of all your marketing practices.
  1. Clickfunnels: It is a useful tool that enables you to spread your message to the right marketplace. With tips about generating effective sales funnel, it can prove to be very beneficial for an online business. Attached with it are its affiliate programs too.
  1. Leadpages: It consists of powerful tools that aid in reaching the masses via text messaging and social media tools and services. Thus Leadpages helps in generating sales on the web.
  1. Getresponse: You have access to Getresponse auto responder, a program that automatically creates a given response to messages sent by on email address. Getresponse offers easy and effective email marketing for its clients, thus helping in creating  a more loyal and pleased customer base for them.
  1. Aweber: With simple operations such as drag, you can create automated emails with Aweber. That is the reason behind Aweber’s fame!
  1. TecAcademics: It is a business coaching and education program (formerly known as IMC, Internet Marketing College).  It has been launched by Chris Record. There are passups of a few of the commissions to the registered people. In order to make money through commissions, you will have to spend money on the products yourself.

The three different TecAcademics’ levels:

  • Basic Business Training for $ 100 per month.
  • Online Training Program (One time payment $ 2000)
  • Online and Offline Training Program (One time payment $ 10,000)

If you are affiliated with one of these programs, you only have to add your affiliate link to the 4 percent group and this automatically enroll you there and you will earn commission on what you enroll using the 4 percent group.

Commission to Affiliate:

As mentioned earlier, there is a 50% commission that you get as soon as you start the training program. This means that out of $49, you make a commission of $24.5.

Operation 100K:

Using his program, Vick is going to start as a newcomer from the very beginning. Using this program, you can follow him every day for 90 days. You can have a hands-on experience of what he does, how he attracts online traffic, how he uses landing pages, etc. Then you are good to go. Start working on making a 6-figure business!


  • The program is relatively very simple and it is quite easy to found a successful business, with a global reputation.
  • To boost your profits, you can computerize the online business systems and procedures with ease.
  • It helps you in learning to scale your business.
  • In order to increase customer’s lifetime value, the program, its instructions and tools come in very handy.
  • You can ensure to have a better future financial standing for your family, in order for them to have a secure tomorrow.
  • After running million-dollar online businesses for more than 15 years, the program offers you all the tools and resources needed.


  • It takes time to achieve your goals. Therefore, one needs to be patient and persistent.
  • The result for every business may vary because it depends on a lot of factors other than online marketing. So, in order to make it a profitable business you will have to invest in some time.


In a nutshell, ‘The 4 Percent Group’ is a very good opportunity for those of you who are interested in making money online. You can convert your new business into a thriving one. All you need is this life-changing training program, some time to invest and a little effort in applying the tips you learn in actual life. Of course, nobody can give you a 100 percent guarantee of your business’s success because honestly, no one has seen the future, but with this program, at least you will be equipped with all what it needs to make a business BIG. So, thumbs up for your online entrepreneurship!

Four Percent Review

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