Tecademics Compensation Plan : Earn upto 40% Commission

Under the Tecademics Compensation Plan, the person who sell any combination of the core programs can earn up to 40% commissions. Additionally, when a student purchases all 3 programs from your referral, they become ELITE, which means even more affiliate perks for you!

Tecademics Affiliate Program

The affiliate program will be quite lucrative for those who could afford to get into the Elite level from the get go. The program corresponds to the different levels of tuition that will be available for prospective students. Tecademics consist of 3 core programs: TEC, IMPACT, & MASTERS. Here are the details on our Internet Marketing College programs: :-

Level 1 : TEC or The Entrepreneurs Club : This is the most affordable plan and the one that will allow you to sell in volume with very little start up cost. The educational component will be powerful and teach beginning entrepreneurs the basic skills of success in online marketing. This program cost $100/month.

Level 2 : IMPACT. (Internet Marketing Principles and Full Training) : It costs $2000. It goes far deeper into core principles of the industry of internet marketing.

Level 3 : Master's or Signature Offering : This program costs $10,000. Those who purchase this product will receive 120 hours of the most in-depth instruction in the field of online marketing ever devised. Purchasing the Master's exempts you from any pass-ups and you are able to immediately collect commissions on all affiliate sales.

Tecademics Compensation Plan

For those can't afford it, there is a complex “pass-up' program in which you would pass up the first sale at each level to the person who sponsored you into the group.

Along with this, there is also a Matching Million Bonus, in which affiliates who reach $100k in sales by November 11, 2015 get a matching $100k from Tecademics in cash, as well as entry into the raffle for the BMW. Along with this, those tecademics affiliates, who reach $1 million in 36 months will receive a matching million from Tecademics. For getting more detail about Tecademics Matching Million Click Here

The acronym “TIME” spells out the compensation plan for the Tecademics Affiliate program. Click Here to register for Tecademics Affiliate Program >>>