Tecademics Review : My Honest & Unbiased Analysis | INTERNET MARKETING COLLEGE

Tecademics Review : My Honest & Unbiased Analysis

Tecademics or popularly known as Internet Marketing College, is an organization related to learning that imparts education worldwide primarily focusing on Internet Marketing. Apart from providing education, the organization also possesses an aspiration to build freedom financial independence by encouraging entrepreneurship without the restrictions of an individual’s practical know-how or age.

Tecademics Review

Introduction :-

Tecademics program provides high-quality education for individuals interested in working in the fields of internet marketing, internet management for traditional companies and entrepreneurs. The technology and implementation of the program are groundbreaking and promise to be a very powerful avenue for those who are interested in careers in the internet industry.

Tecademics bring you a college related atmosphere if you opt for the online or regular course, and you somehow feel that you are running behind schedule from the industry standards. It not only imparts you the knowledge of strategy formation but will also provide you a deeper understanding of the implications of such strategy implementation. TecAdemics has built its own technology for education consisting of a brand new branch of online marketing knowledge that operates on this groundbreaking procedure of merging theory with real life situation.

About Tecademics Founders:-

Tecademics is a revolutionary online education program designed by Chris Record and Jim Piccolo. Their vision is to set the bar in the field of e-learning in the field of internet marketing.

Vision :-

Chris Record, the CEO & Founder of Tecademics, believe that social media and internet marketing strategies have completely changed the way that entrepreneurs can build, grow and scale their businesses online. However, many entrepreneurs struggle to successfully implement up-to-date strategies and real-time internet marketing concepts that truly work.

Chris Record feels this difficulty is due to the lack of quality, structured internet marketing education available in the industry. The internet marketing college is specifically designed to fill this void by providing high-quality entrepreneur education. The courses will be taught by expert professionals, who practice and continually perfect what they teach. Additionally, the classes which are consistently updated, will be unique presented and structured to enhance learning, retention and success for students.

The founder believes that this new method of teaching will completely disrupt the internet marketing industry by empowering entrepreneurs with they key knowledge necessary take immediate action and focus on achieving ROI in their businesses.


It seems as though every day a new product get launched, promising to teach a new strategy, or reveal a shiny new software tool that entrepreneurs “must-have” to succeed.

The result is information overload. Entrepreneurs are often left confused on where to get started as they are desperately looking for answers on how to grow their business and make money. Instead, as they search, they are simply faced with upsell after upsell.


There is a science to learning, known as ISD (Instructional System Design), which is a taxonomy used by every major university in the world to teach their students. The Tecademics College has assembled a team of curriculum developers from these major universities and educated them on up-to-date strategies used by highly successful internet marketers.

The Tecademics has created a proprietary learning technology and with it a brand new category of internet marketing education that utilizes this proven mastery learning process.

What types of Topics will be Teaches under Tecademics?

Under the Tecademics College, students in the school will receive training in courses designed by professional educators. There are beginning courses to reinforce basic principles for those who are new to the field with an option to place out for those with more experience. The course will have a virtual interface which will determine the proper course of study for each individual based on his or her ultimate goals. Those who are interested in managing internet services for companies will learn the skills of SEO optimization, social media management, brand promotion and more, while entrepreneurs will learn about list-building, salesmanship, brand-building, lead generation and other skills, which would lead to success in the internet marketing world.


The programs or the courses that are availed to you at Tecademics are exceptionally designed and very well structured to meet the necessary demands. Have a look at the offerings at the institution and choose the best suited for you:

TEC or The Entrepreneurs Club: this program is offered at a minimum price of monthly subscription of $100. This course is the best to enhance your know-how. It imparts you all the fundamental knowledge that you might need to become a thriving entrepreneur in this industry. The employees of IMC will be directly training you through real-time training classes “continual education” on a seven-day basis.

IMPACT (Internet Marketing Principals and Core Training): IMPACT is available at a very convenient price of $2000. In IMPACT, you will be provided the best knowledge available in the industry for that subject. As it provides you all the updated information about online marketing, it is popularly known as the Encyclopedia of Marketing via Internet.

Masters or The IMC’s signature : this unique course will offer you training for 120 hours that comes with a single payment procedure of $10,000. This course is best suited for two candidates and will be offered for 12 months. Additionally, you can go through the classes as many times as you wish. It permits you to create a complete online interface that will show you every live class recorded that had been accomplished in TecAdemics. This offering will guide to build an effective curriculum for your study as well as will help you in mastering any chosen subject, and the graduation will equal a master’s degree obtained in that subject.

Tecademics Affiliate Program :-

The Tecademics pays upto 40% commission to its affiliate under its Affiliate Program. For more detail check the below image :-

Tecademics Compensation Plan

Tecademics Matching Million Bonus for Affiliates :-

By working as Tecademics Affiliate, you can get the chance to win Tecademics Matching Millions Bonus.

1.) Matching Bonus Plan of $100,000 – If you have generated an income of $100,000 commission in an entire tenure of three years including your commission of pass-ups, the organization will provide you an additional matching bonus of $100,000 that will be directly deposited to your pay card provided.

2.) Matching Bonus Plan of $1,000,000 – If you have generated an income of $1.000, 000 commission in a tenure of three years including your commission of passups, the organization will provide you an additional matching bonus of $1.000, 000 that will be directly deposited to your pay card provided.

The best part is that the matching bonus plan will be paid to everyone who achieves the level of above two commissions. Therefore you will not be competing with anyone other than yourself. Hence no matter if you are a student or member, you will have the opportunity to earn the matching bonus provided by the company.

It might seem to be a large amount, but actually, it is not that massive as it seems. If you can earn a minimum commission of $2800 per month for three years (36 months), you can easily hit $100,000 matching million bonus.

Is Tecademics a Scam or Trick?

NO ! Tecademics is not a scam or trick for sure. Due to increasing online learning opportunities, you might find TecAdemics too good to be true. But in fact, it is true. Tecademics provides you the best opportunity to learn how to make your business successful and also offers you real time experience directly from industry experts. Not only this, Tecademics will give you the best opportunity to earn while you study! Hence, rest assured Tecademics is the finest platform to enhance, nurture and refine your entrepreneurial skills.


  • Access the virtual classrooms from the comfort of your home as each instructor presents on a high-tech split screen featuring their video on one side, and their presentation slides on the other. Your course workbook(s) will be available for immediate download as well.
  • Attend the live college experience on a quarterly basis in Scottsdale, Arizona, where you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest instructors in the world. Each live college session will last five days, and each six-hour six six-sessions made up of strategically organized 90-minute sessions.
  • Join discussions in the online entrepreneur forum where you can network with like-minded internet marketers. Ask questions, help others, and attend weekly continuing education live casts to sharpen your skills.


  • Since it will be conducted at an interval of every three month, make sure that you retain consistency. This training module will offer you learning at every step and therefore avoid skipping sessions.
  • The curriculum is very ideally formed and hence missing out on a single session can cause some level of confusion in your next classroom training.

How to join TecAdemics?

You can join TecAdemics by either enrolling yourself for the course, if you are interested and are looking forward for improving your entrepreneurial skills or you can also become an affiliate for free and enroll other members to get started. But if you are an affiliate member, your first sale will be your qualifying sale. The procedure of earning commission is already explained in details earlier. CLICK HERE TO JOIN >>>

Conclusion :-

Overall, TecAdemics is a fantastic opportunity, which offers the best courses along with specialized curriculum, that enhances your complete thought process. Additionally, you also get absolutely fascinating earning programs, where you can generate impressive revenue. Thus, I recommend Tecademics with full confidence to my readers. Visit the Official Tecademics Sales page by clicking here >>>

Do You have any Special Offer or Bonus, If I join under You?

Yes, of course, I am offering special bonuses to those, who enters this business under me. I Want To Assist You To Reach Your Goals. The More People I Help The Much more My Business Grows. Therefore, I Have A Vested Interest In Viewing You Get Results. Here’s what you get when you join my team:

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