Tecademics Sales Support Team

Michael Hamburger, Chief Sales Officer

Michael HamburgerMichael Hamburger comes to the Tecademics with a diverse sales and marketing background. Michael even declined a very attractive CEO offer to just Tecademics ! He’s always been a top producer in every organization he’s chosen to be a part of, and has designed very complex sales and marketing plans that are still in use today. Michael is also a sought-after industry expert, public speaker, and a start-up and business acceleration consultant. Michael earned his B.S. Degree in Justice Studies from Georgia Southern University, and then became a Marine. While in the Marine Corps, he was a Cobra Plane Captain, and then went on recruiter aide duty. His first experience recruiting others was done in the United States Marine Corps, where he was recognized for his exemplary service and superior recruitment. He then made a lateral move to follow his dream of being a Marine Military Police Officer. Fun fact: He also worked security for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, while his wife was a cheerleader performing in the opening ceremonies. After serving in the Marine Corps, Michael worked as a top-ranking sales executive with Fortune 50 telecommunications and data companies. He was introduced to the networking industry in 1998. Michael went “pro” in 2003. He has the unique vantage point of being a top income earner as a field rep, a corporate executive running a networking company with annual revenues growing to exceed $100 million, and has been a business owner. His hands-on background brings value and insight to our ecosystem. Michael has been very happily married 13 years, and has provided his family with a wonderful lifestyle filled with freedom, activities and luxuries. He feels blessed to be father of his 2 beautiful girls. He enjoys working hard and living for fun! They all enjoy playing tennis, snowboarding, and staying fit. Michael is a pretty good cook, especially on a smoker. He enjoys football, especially college football, and is an avid boater. Thankfully for everyone, he also LOVES being a marketer and watching people blossom! Michael is an energetic, passionate leader who truly wears his heart and his love of the community on his sleeve.

Peter Sorensen, Vice President of Sales

Peter SorensenPeter entered the world of Direct Sales in 2003, fresh out of high school in Fresno California.  Like many others, he struggled for the first few years to create any real financial success, until he found the right mentor, and the right opportunity, which first happened when he met Chris Record in 2007.  After finding Chris, and the right top tier direct sales company, Peter finally began to see financial success, including earning as much as $53,000 in personal commissions in a single month the following year! From age 23, he has become a top producer in every company he has chosen to become a part of.  Over the last several years he’s been working closely with Chris Record as his “right hand man”, helping Chris build an eight-figure internet marketing education company. Peter has proven his abilities to consistently and predictably close high-ticket sales while effectively coaching, training and mentoring others.  Peter has become an expert in direct sales, network marketing, social media marketing, speaking and training, and has done such all over the country, and in multiple countries around the world.  He has a passion to teach, train and inspire others to create the personal and financial success they desire and deserve. Peter is devoted to doing all he can to help his customers, clients and affiliate partners succeed.